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Godzilla fan art


Hi, here is a godzilla fan art for a contest, wrote some process here




bullet holes

hi guys. I’ve been more active on Facebook for quite some time. feel free to drop by there 🙂

Also I’ll be posting process and stuff once in awhile over here

Have a good day! see you!!

make up


make upJoker preparing for Halloween

Emotional shapes

Shapes can raise emotional response when used properly,
not only it can be used for characters, but for background design as well.
Below is an assignment I gave myself while traveling, trying to have some fun on the ride.
Enjoy 🙂

BG_Shape00 BG_Shape1a


I miss my wordpress

well, maybe I shouldn’t abandon my wordpress completely,

I miss writting little story here. Although I already have another blog on my website at

I will still continue my wordpress shout out

Shuten Doji, a painting demo I did for a 6hr lecture at Lasalle art college

I was inspired by the painting below and further readings about Shuten Doji
and thought I should do one at a different stage of the story.

some thumbnails and process below. shutendoji_thumbnail_sShutenDoji_process_6

OK, hopefully this is not it, I’ll continue with more updates I owe to wordpress 😉


playing Street Fighter 4 on iphone made me feel like doing background art for them

SF copy

pacific rim rip-offpacificrim copy

Monday dresscode




walking my pet

test copy

Sister’s birthday


Grand Maester Pycelle




So it seems I’ve started watching Game of Thrones. I never like to watch TV series, but GoT is just different. I did screen capture quite a lot for study. Here is one. Steps belowface_sface_s_steps1- major color
2- big/mid shapes
3- small shapes,highlight, temperature shift
4- smaller details/ suggest detail in shade