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Blood Sand Orc

blood sand orc

Was thinking- what if the mask of samurai was based on the face of an orc.

Storm Debris Vol 1- fresh from the oven!

Hi Guys! It’s been awhile… I’ve been busy preparing for comic con and work. So here it is, my 1st book! Small beginning.

Storm debris volume 1 is an A6, 48 pages coloured sketch booklet. It has a collection of traditional and digital sketches by me from 2012- 2014. The special sketch edition (limited copies) will be available at STGCC 6-7 September, at Marina Bay Sands. Come and grab a copy! Or just stop by and have a chat! I’m at booth AA66! Alternatively if you buy my A1 prints, you’ll get this book for free! More updates soon and looking forward to see you! :D

If you’re interested but not in Singapore, please email me at meetstorm(at) with your address. When I’m done setting up for international order, I’ll notify you!

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Cap’n Shmelly


Yarrr! Cap’n Shmelly is finally out!
you can watch the shortfilm here

I’ve posted more concept works at my stormbrush blog. Do check them out! Thanks :)


Tetsuo fan art


Godzilla fan art


Hi, here is a godzilla fan art for a contest, wrote some process here




bullet holes

hi guys. I’ve been more active on Facebook for quite some time. feel free to drop by there :)

Also I’ll be posting process and stuff once in awhile over here

Have a good day! see you!!

make up


make upJoker preparing for Halloween


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